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College Coach remarks

Thank you both again for putting on a great event. Really enjoyed the 7v7 aspect as the players were able to get tons of reps.
First off, I would like to thank you for allowing our college/program to attend The Match. I was extremely pleased with the hospitality of the staff, and the accommodations. The games were fast paced and quick. The smaller fields made it easier to evaluate before getting into full field play, and I think the boys benefited from this as well. Thank you.
Another great event Sunday. Thanks for doing it again.
Great to partake at the event – from the point of view with the team I was working with thought it went very well. Liked the format – 7v7
Thanks for putting on the event yesterday, it was a nice setup and a great location
I am writing to congratulate you on a great day of lacrosse yesterday. This was my first year attending and I thought it was very organized, and overall the talent was good.

Parent remarks

I have been to a number of lacrosse events and I am not sure that any were more organized than this. The venue is terrific. The 7 X 7 format is wonderful even from a parent’s perspective. The organizers did a great job with selecting an appropriate number of participants, engaged great D III schools and provided a wonderful opportunity for the boys to be seen. I would definitely recommend The Match to aspiring college lacrosse players.
Great event.  This was the first showcase that my son has attended and he really enjoyed the format and experience.  Met some great players and was contacted by a few college coaches.  Will definitely recommend to others.  Thanks for putting on such a well run showcase.
I wanted to begin by thanking you for putting on a great showcase and giving our kids the opportunity to be seen by so many Div II/III coaches. With that, the format was great and events were well planned with little downtime.
We would like to thank you for such a nice day at The Match. The facilities were wonderful and the staff of this event were very nice and accommodating. Everything was organized and it all ran smoothly. What a great opportunity for the boys and my son really enjoyed himself.
really great event! Terrific format, well organized, well attended, great facility, all-around top notch event.
Most organized event that we have been to!
Now that I’ve been involved in 2 years of my clubs soccer tournament, I was very impressed with your event. You’re very attentive to details that make the difference. We’ve really enjoyed the planning and executing of the tournament.

Player remarks

The 7-on-7 was awesome. I have never been to a clinic or showcase that had that before. It helped me get used to playing in space. Coming into today I just wanted to get a better feel for the recruiting process. The coaches here were very nice.
I worked on time and room and time shooting. I am a side arm guy, but I really want to get better at overhand shooting. The 7v7 format was awesome. I learned to be a better person, become more well-rounded, and focus on my academics and to work on other club things, like student council.
I was just looking to get exposure at the D3 level. I don’t like the idea of lacrosse in college being a full-time job. I don’t want it to be 24/7. D3 is getting more competitive every year. It’s competitive lacrosse at a little smaller school and that is something I like a lot.
It was specifically a D3 event and that’s what I am looking for in college. The format intrigued me; it had a 7-on-7 aspect and that got me a lot of touches. I did pretty well in goal, but I was also excited to score a goal in the 7-on-7’s, everything was so fast-paced.”
This showcase is different, but better. It’s not every other showcase with 25 goalies trying for a spot or two with short shifts and sometimes very little action.
I have always been intrigued by D3 lacrosse, ever since middle school. I like the intensity and I was researching the best D3 showcases and this one popped up in almost every article. D1 is like a job almost and I don’t really want that. I want to play real competitive lacrosse, but not have it take up my whole life.
I heard it was a pretty good showcase. I wanted to get as much exposure as possible and some of the D3 teams I was interested in were here. It was a very fast-paced showcase, which I liked.
The Match really helped connect me with many D3 coaches. This showcase helped provide more of an intimate and proactive setting than a regular recruiting event.
The Match helped me really decide on which coaches I would approach, and connect with, as well as allowing to research the programs that the school presented for my academic needs.
I like the fast paced, up tempo games that were on the shorter fields. The tournament definitely helped me, and I received a lot of interest after participating in it. It got my name out to a good amount of D3 programs.
The level of play was intense and the type of players there were just as good as any of the other players I have gone against at other showcases.
I came to get some great exposure from D3 programs. It’s well set up; I like the different game styles they incorporated. I definitely think I want to go to college for college and not lacrosse. School is my main concern, but I definitely want to play lacrosse in college.
My coach suggested I go because I am interested in Division III schools. I liked this because it makes it easier (for coaches) to pick and select certain kids. When you have a lot of kids looking to go D1 it makes it harder to get teams to look at you.
What brought me out to The Match was the exposure to college coaches and the up-tempo playing style of not only short-sided games but also full-field games. It was good competition. I think I did well. The short-sided games are more difficult for a goalie because you’re facing more close-in shots. You got to adjust to that, but coaches definitely take notice those dramatic saves on the doorstep.
I came here to get exposure for a lot of D3 schools. I haven’t played any box games and I thought that would be fun; it was a little up-tempo, with quicker transition and a lot more off-ball movement.
The competition was pretty good. The short-sided games were a lot quicker since there were no face-offs after each goal, so it was a lot faster transition. If you stood still off ball, it would get picked off. You had to move off ball and communicate a lot and finish in the crease.
It was an opportunity to play in front of a large group of Division III coaches and play against high-level players. There were a lot of strong players so it was a lot more fast-paced. You had to move the ball more and go harder.
My goal was to play well and make an impression on the coaches. I played in the Match last year so I knew the format and what to expect. I broke my back last February and missed the entire season. This was my first time playing an organized event in 10 months. I was excited to be here and I was extremely pleased with my play and conditioning.
Tucker Durkin showed us several defensive tips during the skills clinic that I will take forward. He’s my idol so to be taught by him and for him to watch me play was amazing.