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Presented by Heritage Lacrosse

Rules of Play


  • Different color shorts for different graduation year
  • National Federation High School Rules apply, except as modified
  • Substitutions on the fly only
  • No timeouts
  • No overtime
  • Penalties: Penalized players must serve (except goalie); penalty time kept by officials on the field
  • Special rules regarding checking and body contact
    • Limited / reasonable body checking only (this is a showcase, the emphasis is not on physicality, let’s see stick work, lacrosse IQ, team talk and teamwork)
    • 3-yard rule — no body checks to any player unless the player is within 3 yards (not 5 yards) of a loose ball or ball in flight. Checks that are otherwise within 3 yards will still be scrutinized for unnecessary roughness
    • No blatant, violent, reckless or malicious hits
    • One handed checks are permitted as long as they are not used with excessive force
    • No unnecessary roughness – big hits and overly physical play (even within 3 yards from a loose ball), as well as excessive force, roughness, checking or hitting off the ball, constitutes unnecessary roughness at The Match. Let’s not see any of it!
  • All players are asked to “Honor the Game” at all times; unsportsmanlike conduct by players/fans is not acceptable


  • Games are 12 minutes (running time) and start and end on the horn
  • Teams have 3 minutes to rotate to the next court for the next Match-Up (you will have to hustle)
  • 7 v 7 (2A, 2M, 2D, 1G)
  • No more than 3 long sticks on the field (i.e., 2 D, 1 LSM)
  • 10 seconds to clear the ball over the midfield line and out of defensive zone (after a shot/goal/turnover)
  • Once in the offensive end, the ball cannot cross back over the midline except on a shot or deflection (i.e., the approximate midline marks the backcourt, no over and back)
  • Offsides rules apply (2 onsides at all times, not including goalies)
  • Face-off to start the game only; goalie will put the ball in play after every goal to maximize playing time and for work on outlets, clearing and riding; official’s whistle will re-start play


  • Games are 30 minutes and consist of two 15-minute halves (running time); 5 minute half-time (teams change field direction in 2nd half). Match-Ups start and end on the horn
  • Face-off to start the game, start the second half and after each goal. We want to restart the games quickly after a goal, please hustle to keep the games moving.
  • Counts / Advancement Rule: 20 second count to clear the midline; 10 seconds to advance into the box. Once a team advances the ball inside its goal area, the ball may be brought outside the goal area unless the team has been warned to “keep it in” (i.e. a stall warning has been imposed)